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“…netted acres sustained less than 1% damage”

John Jacobsen, Pine Tree Apple Orchard, White Bear Lake MN

“Hail Storm June 29, 2021 produced quarter sized hail, unnetted acres sustained over 80% damage, netted acres sustained less than 1% damage.  I’m a true believer Drape Net works and works well.”


Articles & Studies


Double Duty Nets Protect Apple Crop

by Leslie Mertz, Good Fruit Grower
March 7, 2023

“Hail netting can protect apples from more than hail. It can also shield trees from pests, according to a recent University of Minnesota study. The two-year study found that standard commercial hail netting essentially eliminated two major pest species — codling moth and apple maggot — from apple trees in a commercial orchard.

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Organic Apples Codling Moth Exclusion

Dr. Alan Knight, Entomologist, Instar Biologicals

“For organic growers use of mating disruption, releases of sterile moths, weekly sprays of virus and oil, and four applications of Entrust can’t solve the threat from female moths flying into your orchard. Only netting can guarantee protection for your crop from codling moth.

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Counting bad apples: Codling moth in the core of Apple Country

Ben Bentele, Rogers Mesa Organic Agriculture Research Station Colorado State University

“Nets are drastic. But they work. “But what else changes?” you ask me…I hope this bulletin addresses more than just the economics. This is not a sales pitch. I am impartial to the data & keen to tell a story if it’s told to me.”

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