Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Independent tests carried out by large apple and citrus growers as well as chemical company representatives proved there were no adverse effects applying chemical and, in some cases, better results were achieved under Drape Net.

Some grow through can occur depending on tree type and vigor, a small amount of grow through is acceptable and will not damage the net on removal. Excessive grow through seldom occurs, and can be managed.

Drape Net prevents sunburn and may slightly delay fruit maturity. As Drape Net is physically draped over the tree row, it acts as a tree growth regulator, dramatically reducing summer growth resulting in less pruning and better color fruit.

Drape Net protects crops against a range of damaging elements including hail, sunburn, birds & wind – with the added benefit of codling moth exclusion. In seedless citrus, Drape Net prevents bees from pollinating flowers.

  • White Net: 10% to 12% shading.
  • Green & Gray Net: 16% to 18% shading.
  • Black Net: 24% to 26% shading.
Drape Net is manufactured to a strict set of standards which directly relate to the life and strength of the net. Our patented, unique anti-stretch, anti-shrink, run stop weave holds its shape year after year.
The net will last 10 years depending on how well the net is looked after. The only things that will deteriorate the net is UV light, which the net has a high level of UV protectant incorporated in the manufacturing process to withstand harsh conditions, and secondly how the net is handled in the field.
Drape Net is easily applied and removed with the specially designed Net Wizz Applicator utilizing a 3-point tractor attachment.
Once you are set up, 5 people can put out 3 to 5 hectares per day depending on the row spacings and tree heights. You can operate the machine with just 3 people, but it is more productive with 5. To retrieve the net is much faster and you only need 3 people.
Drape Net is attached to the tree with cable ties. Either attaching to a lower limb or back to a trellis wire. This is both easy and inexpensive.
If your rows are longer than 100m you can simply sew the next roll on in the field and continue, when you finish the row you just cut the net off and start with this roll on the next row. It is very quick and only needs to be done once, then the net will be the right length for the row for the following season.
You can hand thin and summer prune underneath the net. Just cut off the zip ties and work underneath the net. Even platforms can operate underneath the net with small modifications.
Some years the net can delay maturity depending on the amount of solar radiation that was received through the year. Different fruits re-acts differently, but it is usually a case of delaying harvest to adjust.
Sometimes the net does rub against the fruit causing a rub burn. This is rare and the number of fruit that are affected do not make a difference in pack-outs.
The rolls come in lengths of 100 metres. The width of the net is custom made, so any width is possible. Although anything wider than 12 metres will be hard to put through our application machine (NetWizz).
Drape Net can be ordered in a range of colors and widths to suit the purpose, tree size, and coverage needed. Each net type has different color options, including white (transparent), black, green, or gray.
Drape Net is economical, costing a fraction of the price of permanent netting structures. It is also not as susceptible to damage caused by the weight of hail or snow. Contact us for a quote for your unique needs.
Once the net has been rolled back up it can be tagged with its corresponding row and then stored away under cover. To maximize the longevity of your nets, we also offer an effective storage solution, using shrink wrap and end caps. You can view these products on our Products page.

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Since 2005, our continued product development, advice, and on-the-farm training on all aspects in the use of Drape Net gives our customers peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more and get started with a free quote.

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