Protect your tree crops with cost effective, adaptable netting

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Protect your tree crops with cost effective, adaptable netting

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What is Drape Net®?

Drape Net is a non-structured netting solution that was conceived in 2005 as a completely new way to tackle some of the harsh elements mother nature can throw at growers of tree crops. Since then, we’ve seen excellent results across growing regions.

Repeat customers are the best proof that the product works and works well.

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Why is Drape Net trusted by so many growers?

Cost-effective protection for fruit crops

Comprehensive protection against hail & wind damage

Prevents damage from birds & insects

Offers UV Protection – reducing sunburn

Added benefit of codling moth exclusion

Easy to apply & remove quickly with Net Wizz Applicator

Netting Products

Original Drape Net

Helps prevent expensive crop loss from hail and sunburn while aiding in water retention.

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18″ Selvage Edge

The Heavy Duty selvage edge allows net to be wrapped and protected for off season field storage.

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Cherry Weave

Cherry Net incorporates a tight, heavy duty weave across the top with open side weave panels.

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Bird Netting

Drape Net’s bird netting keeps birds and specific insects away from your fruit.

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Anti-Bee Netting

In seedless citrus, Drape Net’s anti-bee netting stops bees from pollinating flowers.

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Grower Testimonial

“Hail Storm June 29, 2021 produced quarter sized hail, unnetted acres sustained over 80% damage, netted acres sustained less than 1% damage. I’m a true believer Drape Net works and works well.”

– John Jacobsen, Pine Tree Apple Orchard, White Bear Lake MN

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Drape Net Adds Layer of Protection

by Tom Burfield, The Packer
August 7, 2023

Drape Net has been shown to protect fruit from hail, sunburn and bird damage, as well as eliminating codling moth problems for organic growers. With the use of the bullhorns the net can be secured on the center wire in the orchard for the off season, minimizing the labor for removal and reinstallation annually.

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Double Duty Nets Protect Apple Crop

by Leslie Mertz, Good Fruit Grower
March 7, 2023

“Hail netting can protect apples from more than hail. It can also shield trees from pests, according to a recent University of Minnesota study. The two-year study found that standard commercial hail netting essentially eliminated two major pest species — codling moth and apple maggot — from apple trees in a commercial orchard.

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Organic Apples Codling Moth Exclusion

Dr. Alan Knight, Entomologist, Instar Biologicals

“For organic growers use of mating disruption, releases of sterile moths, weekly sprays of virus and oil, and four applications of Entrust can’t solve the threat from female moths flying into your orchard. Only netting can guarantee protection for your crop from codling moth.

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Netting Applications

  • Traditional Over Tree Installation
  • Vertical Trellis with and without Bullhorn
  • V Trellis with and without Bullhorn
  • Cherries
  • Blueberries & Kane Berries
  • Wine Grapes
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Since 2005, our continued product development, advice, and on-the-farm training on all aspects in the use of Drape Net gives our customers peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more and get started with a free quote.

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